One of the Tedx curators saw my show A better place in Antwerp which led to my participation in TEDxAntwerp 2017. I got the invite at the end of June. The event the end of September.
As a big fan of TED talks in general i was very excited. Thought i could come up with some new invention to save the world... One month... two months... Nothing.. new. In the end I felt it honestly to share some strategies I use in my shows. My humble way to shift the world perception by a fractal or two. I though could I bend the TED event into a kind of odd performance. Give them the moral experience of attending one of my works.. This is the attempt..

Unfortunately the day before the event they said I couldn't use the guns on stage. I had to fake them... As they thought they would love their TED license if i used the real fake guns.. Begrudgingly I agreed. Here is some of my bad miming which some say was even more affective.