Random Scream


After two years Karaoke (ART) continues to tour and grow. We now have expanded our catalogue to 28 art works that range from the political, conceptual to slightly pornographic videos.  Yes sometimes it’s better to leave the kids at home. We had a night to remember in Palais de Tokyo and have seen the project blossom in different spaces, venues and with all kinds of audiences. Hope to see you on the road.

Karaoke (ART)

March 11th - Black box supported in Dansen Hus, Oslo, Norway

June 5th - Porto, Portugal (tbc)

October 5-15th - Actoral Festival in Marseille

 7 Promises also continues to tour as even with Bernie Sanders and Leonardo Dicaprio’s best efforts we still haven’t solved climate change! So us two ecological preachers are always ready to do our part and bribe more audiences to make promises and create a more sustainable planet. Come join us as we give it our best shot and continue to save the world one vodka shot at a time!

March 14th - V.U.B.  Brussels “We are paris” climate change action

May 28th - Euroregional Theatre Festival Timisoara , Romania

June 18th - Warwick, UK Tipping Point

But the big one coming up is our new show !!!



 Please put it in your calendar.  We’re in rehearsals right now and it’s becoming a piece of work like you’ve never seen from Random Scream/ Davis Freeman. We’re going into exciting uncharted waters and look forward to meeting you there in the light and the darkness!


Some things only become clear much later is the sweet new violent duet between Davis Freeman and Dani Brown. What’s that stuff underneath the surface? Hidden behind those nearly impenetrable facades that only reveal themselves much later? (Bill Cosby. Jimmy Savile. Robin Williams). Some things only become clear much later is a cross between a gender bashing horror movie and a subversive TED talk. A piece that demands the audience to not only be a witness but an intrepid accomplice. Featuring the music of the Slovenian composer Gasper Piano and a video design by Belgium artist Gertjan Biasino. Some things only become clear much later is Davis Freeman’s newest work that reflects on what it’s like to live in the world today and those symptoms that make some of us want to drown little kittens just because they’re too cute.

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