Universal Minutes- Covid-19
(Invitation to Participate in a photography project from your home)

We’re in lockdown. In our home with family or alone. With supermarkets or pharmacies as our sole destination. If you’re lucky in some countries you’re able to go for a walk and pass countless masks from a distance before you return home safe. Hopefully.

These are surreal times and we need to capture it in some personal way. Random Scream (Davis Freeman & Sam Vanoverschelde) has been working on a project that was supposed to be in the Zsenne gallery during this week but like so many of us we see how we can adapt. It’s a photography project where multiple photographers, artist and enthusiast all take photographs during the same minute all over a city 5 days in a row. Creating a book and exhibition: Universal Minutes—Brussels Or Porto, or Antwerp … We’ve been developing multiple versions with 12 professional photographers, 12 performance artists, and even letting loose kids in a city to photograph what they desire in a specific moment in a specific city

But now we find ourselves here in our Corona Lockdown in places all over the world. This seems an even more appropriate moment to capture the times we are living now in the present.

The Invitation is this:
We ask you to send us one photograph that you take at 17:21 from March 30- April 3.
On what would normally be a Monday to Friday work week.
A time when most of us would be finishing work. Or starting our journey home… But not now.
We ask you to take as many photographs as you want at 17:21 / 5:21 pm
And select just one each day and send it on to us: sam@visualkitchen.org

*With this experiment we’ll create an online gallery that captures our Universal Minute. In the future we might also have a printed version: we could see together
when we can once again come out of our house and touch everything we want with out bare hands!
*We tell you the time but we invite you to propose the content on top of this lockdown. Within this project though we are going to leave the theme open to you. DO what you want to share on how you are getting through these days. We are all going through a lot of emotions during this lockdown. The highs and lows of this separation and I have even felt unwell myself when I watch news too much. This is a catastrophic event we will remember for our lifetime and we invite you to join us in capturing a moment where we can universally connect. Capture ourselves alone together.
*You can prepare a pre-planned event or take that special self portrait. Maybe views from your balcony or possibly you capture something on the streets at 17:21.
*Remember you can take as many as you want but only choose pass one photograph each day to send on to us. (March 30- April 3).

Please send on your name, a short three line Biography and an optional short text on the final day that might add some context to your vision over the 5 days.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Please email if you have any questions

Davis Freeman & Sam Vanoverschelde.